What Is Information and Communication Technology?

The use of computer and communication technologies, methods, and tools to make it easier to create, gather, process, send, and store information is known as information and communications technology, or ICT. In addition to wired and wireless communication technology supporting phones, the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the metaverse, it encompasses computing technologies such as servers, laptop computers, and software applications. Enhancing access to information and facilitating easier and more effective human-to-human, human-to-machine, and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication are the two main objectives of information and communications technology.

This all-encompassing term refers to the telecom and infrastructure elements that provide both synchronous and asynchronous communication across short and large distances. It includes cloud computing and telecommunication services as well as the governance guidelines that permit their usage.

ICT is crucial to modern civilization; it drives innovation, boosts productivity, and promotes worldwide connectedness. Its significance cannot be emphasised.

Information and Communication Technology Basics

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Why ICT Is Important For Businesses?

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Challenges ICT Creates

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ICT, the Digital Age and Digital Divide

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Components of Information Communication Technology

Cloud Computing

The term is often used to describe the data centers of many Internet users. Heavy clouds are more common today. usually distributed across multiple sites by a central server. It can also be called an edge server if the network is close to the user. One company can be the only one using the cloud. (Enterprise Cloud) is available to many organizations. (Hybrid cloud), or both at once (Public cloud). Amazon AWS is the largest public cloud.


A set of instructions, data, or programs used to control a computer and perform specific tasks. It is different from hardware, which defines the physical components of a computer. The term ‘software’ refers to applications, scripts, and programs that run on a computer. People can consider software a replaceable part of a computer, while they can consider hardware a replaceable part. Software is often classified as software or software downloaded by third parties to meet specific needs or requirements. and software, including the operating system and any programs that support the operating system.


Technically, it refers to the physical parts that make up a computer or electronic system. and includes any other elements that may be important. This includes the screen, hard drive, memory and processor. Hardware works with firmware and software to perform the functions of a computer. A computer’s hardware is merely one component. The equipment also has direct control firmware installed.

Digital Transactions

It is, broadly speaking, any online or automated transaction that takes place without the need for paper between people and organizations. Digital marketing saves time and money and produces better results. This improves the customer experience. (Think about the convenience of electronic signatures compared to printing, signing and returning contracts by mail or fax.) Digital transactions also improve traceability and reduce errors.

Digital Data

Data implies other types of data. A special machine language system uses various technologies to define it.” The most important of these systems is the binary system. It simply stores complex audio, video or text data as a sequence of binary descriptors. simple, continuous or on and off values.

Internet Access

The process by which a user or company connects to the Internet using a personal computer, laptop, or mobile device. The Internet connection is dependent on the data transfer speed. It can also connect to the Internet at any speed. Using the Internet allows individuals or organizations to access Internet/Web services. The popularity of the Internet on the Internet is growing. Internet technology has changed in a short period of time. It offers fast and reliable options, the most common internet types are ADSL, internet speed, reliability and availability vary by region. Internet provider and connection type

There are many ways to provide Internet access. Wireless communications, including mobile phone connections, hotspots, dial-up, broadband, DSL, or satellite communications.

However, ICTs are often more than just a list of components. Includes use of all components.



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