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What are the Four Categories of Business Technology?

The concept of business technology describes the technologies that help all organizations manage their business and processes. This technology could be for other customer-facing applications and solutions, business software and maintenance solutions, or back-end financial systems.

1. Customer Interfacing Technology

An important part of this type of technology is the customer relationship, and the technology is customer-centric. Customer relationship technology refers to the digitization of customer processes and services. This is why digital activities in this area have a clear and direct impact. Evaluating the customer journey is crucial for enhancing or implementing this technology. Companies should ensure that their strategy for developing these solutions extends beyond digital channels. This limit can serve as a short-term guideline. However, as previously mentioned, mathematics should be regarded as a general subject and used as a general guide.

2. Product Technology

Products sold by companies in this sector include information technology: technology that can be used, monitored and/or connected remotely and 24 hours a day, can communicate with the environment 7 days a week. A is termed a technological product, distinct from the product itself. For instance, wild chickens do not fulfill this criterion. However, in wild chickens, the technology is documented, and the resulting products align with the technology description.

Although customer communication technology provides a gateway to customer relationships, the technology in the product, whether it is a banking product, an electronic product, or a professional services product, often does little to deliver real value to the customer. Many new sources of information and methods, such as rapid prototyping, rapid carbon development, and business models like the classic “as a service” model, are accelerating technological innovation in this area.

3. Operational Technology

Control technology includes all information used to drive, operate and control automation and other “factory” systems. Information technology has advanced this field more than ever before. Many pilot or technology-based projects now start. The information technology-based certifications, such as automotive service. User-friendly operating systems now integrate advanced operating technologies like laser-based devices.

4. Process Technology

Business technology includes information technology and solutions used to manage business processes. That, execute business transactions, e.g. A system that supports every working day. Typical examples of business process technology systems used in organizations are enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.



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