How To Save Money Travel in 8 Easy Tips?

Unlock insider secrets and practical strategies to maximize savings on your next adventure. Learn how to travel smart without compromising on experiences!

1. Pack light

Packaging guarantees certainly help avoid checked baggage fees, but there are other incentives to do so. Firstly, a packed bike means you can travel with ease. Carrying a light suitcase or backpack makes it more flexible, so you can travel by public transport instead of feeling like you have to pay for a taxi.

So how to tie the light? Bring clothes that can be easily washed in the sink. Dry yourself quickly and choose clothes that you can mix and match. In short, these are the essentials that will match any outfit, so there’s no need to cram four pairs of shoes into your bag. Plus, packing light means you won’t be tempted to pay for souvenirs, as the limited capacity of your suitcase or bag will curb your appetite.

2. Shop at local grocery stores

Visiting local markets can be an interesting experience in itself. You will find many things that you will not find at home. Plus, having food on hand will likely save you money because you won’t be tempted to buy an expensive, stale pie at the hotel restaurant just because you’re hungry.

3. Pack snacks

If you can’t get to the local market, it’s best to bring snacks from home. Look for protein-rich foods, such as shakes and protein bars, that keep you feeling full and don’t take up too much space in your packages. Bottled water can be a major expense during a trip. Assuming you have a source of clean water, save your container and consider a portable water bottle that fits in your pocket.

4. Get yourself into the airport lounge

One of the best ways to get food while on the road is at an airport lounge. Many premium travel credits also offer lounge access as a benefit, usually as part of the Priority Pass membership package. Food quality varies by lobby, but in general you can expect light solids such as fruit, chips, bread and coffee. Sometimes a more sophisticated living room offers a full dining table.

Aside from the food and drinks, Wi-Fi speeds in the lounges are generally faster than those at the airport. In addition, some resorts have bathrooms, gyms or massage rooms. Get to the airport early for the best experience.


5. Arrive early

Allow ample time to go to the airport in advance. If you want to stay overnight, you can use public transport for a fraction of the price and take a more expensive taxi. You may also find that flights can sometimes be cheaper than getting to the airport. Over time, prices stabilize. It is not a mistake to arrive late because you came at night.

6. Book hotel rooms on points

When it comes to bonus points, using hotel points is almost always better than saving. Booking points with cash is a great way to avoid spending money on vacation, but it also has some other benefits:

No resort fees: Resort taxes (hotel fees for using pools, Wi-Fi, and other extras) can be annoying and can sometimes be as high as $50 a night. Fortunately, hotel reward programs such as Hilton Honors and World of Hyatt do not charge rooms to redeem points.

Additional discounts available: Booking points may receive additional discounts for longer stays. For example, every five-night stay at a Marriott property is rewarded with Marriott Bonvoy points, and you can earn a free night with fewer points. Hilton has a similar policy where Silver Elite members get a fifth night free when they book their points.

7. Travel during the offseason

Traveling during the holidays will not only help you avoid the crowds and headaches, but it will also give you a lot of bang for your buck. A NerdWallet analysis of more than 1,110 flights in spring 2021 shows that leisure travel is, on average, cheaper than other booking windows. Trips booked about six months in advance to tourist destinations at other times are on average 41% cheaper than other flights.

8. Consider travel insurance

If you’re already worried about travel expenses, consider purchasing travel insurance. This optional insurance can be purchased separately from the airline. But you don’t have to pay for travel insurance out of pocket, as most credit card companies, airlines, or hotels reimburse these customers’ travel expenses.

Final thoughts on all the ways to save money on travel

Travel expenses may increase. Your vacation may not be as expensive as this cheap flight leads you to believe when considering other expenses. In most cases, vacation expenses during the trip can exceed your original budget. These travel tips will help you save money, give you more freedom to spend when needed on this or your next trip.

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