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The End Is Near!

Hello Everyone, This will be the end of my blogging. I have learned a lot so far here at California Institute of Arts and Technology (CIAT). I am currently in Week 5 of English and Composition. I have learned a lot as far as learning APA format, sentence and paragraph structure, Grammar, and being sociallyContinue reading “The End Is Near!”

Brace yourself!

Hello Everyone, Going into the world of Information Technology (IT), will have an impact on my future. Being able to control your class schedule and working towards the certifications will help my family and I succeed in life as far as having the financial freedom in being stable, and most importantly having the knowledge toContinue reading “Brace yourself!”

How far are you?

Hello Again, So far I am currently in my fourth class, English at California Institute of Arts and Technology. Knowing that I am going through these courses feels like I am accomplishing my goals. I will be taking a break in the next couple of months to focus on getting my certifications. Being in theContinue reading “How far are you?”

How did it all begin?

Hey everyone, I will begin talking about how I started to go to California Institute of Arts and Technology (CIAT). I was first in this college called American Military University (AMU). I started to major in Information Technology (IT), then I said to myself “No, I do not like the classes that are involved withContinue reading “How did it all begin?”

Introduction of Myself

Hello, My name is Dream Kearse, and I currently go to school at California Institute of Arts and Technology (CIAT). I am in the United States Army at Fort Bliss working as an Information Technology Specialist and I am working towards gaining my technical certifications. A little bit about myself, I have a spouse andContinue reading “Introduction of Myself”

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