How far are you?

Hello Again,

So far I am currently in my fourth class, English at California Institute of Arts and Technology. Knowing that I am going through these courses feels like I am accomplishing my goals. I will be taking a break in the next couple of months to focus on getting my certifications. Being in the military is definitely a blessing but it can be challenging when trying to manage school and work. Does anyone think I should continue with the schedule or take a break? How do you manage multi-tasking? I think taking a break will allow me to focus on English class and be stress free before the harder classes start rolling in.

Dream Kearse

23 SEP 2020

One thought on “How far are you?

  1. I definitely agree that you need a break from school so you wont be behind with everything you have going on and not stress so much. I would love to know more how the military can be stressful and I want to know more about the difficult journey behind your decision. Adding more details will help the reader feel your emotions and I want to feel what your feeling.


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