How did it all begin?

Hey everyone,

I will begin talking about how I started to go to California Institute of Arts and Technology (CIAT). I was first in this college called American Military University (AMU). I started to major in Information Technology (IT), then I said to myself “No, I do not like the classes that are involved with this major, so I decided to go to Entrepreneurship and said the same thing. I was not happy with any of the classes and I then decided to take a break for about a few months to start school again. I have been researching about what I wanted to do and it has been a challenge. I really wanted to stormy career in IT and help people with technology around the world. My husband sat down with me and he told me, “Hey, check this out, I found a college where they help you get your certifications,” I said, “Okay cool, I’ll check it out.” I had looked at the college website and was really impressed, I applied, then gotten accepted in a week or so. I am very happy and excited that I get to finally be happy about what I want to do in life.

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15 SEP 2020

Dream Kearse

One thought on “How did it all begin?

  1. Hello I like how you wrote about your journey and what you wanted in your education. Your establishments for career to me is amazing for instance how your going for what your really want in the technology field. Don’t be afraid to add more details of your achievements, I want like to learn more about your journey.

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